A patented polymer drinking vessel for those who serve and support


The RifleMug idea was born on an overseas deployment in 2012. Our coffee mugs had broken handles, and I was tired of a boring ceramic mug with a printed logo. “Why doesn’t someone make a tough mug from polymer, with a Rifle handle?”... became... Let’s do this!

A Polymer, 30 oz., microwavable, dishwasher safe, affordable, engravable, printable, drinking mug with a SBR Handle! A mug for a those who defend freedom!

30 ounces of Freedom!

A Soldiers Mug!

Ceramic mugs were harmed making this Polymer RifleMug

The RifleMug is a Patented 30 oz. vessel of Greatness!

Microwavable and Dishwasher safe and 30 oz. travel lid fits!

Customizable - Velcro patches, print, or laser engrave!


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