A patented polymer drinking vessel for those who serve and support


20 oz tumbler handle in the works!

Post Kickstarter:

  • We really appreciate the people who support this project. As many of you know we recently ran a Kickstarter campaign to pre-sell the 30oz RifleMug, and raise capital to start manufacturing, which is very expensive for injection molding. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site that is an all or nothing goal. Although we didn't reach our goal to start manufacturing, we did receive almost 300 orders. We appreciate the support we received, but would like to see more before the RifleMug is manufactured.
  • We are currently exploring manufacturing costs for making the 20oz slip ring design featured below for Yeti style mugs. You simply drop your existing mug into the slip ring for an instant Rifle handle! Let us know if you like this concept and would like updates!


The RifleMug idea was born on an overseas deployment in 2012. Our coffee mugs had broken handles, and I was tired of a boring ceramic mug with a printed logo. “Why doesn’t someone make a tough mug from polymer, with a Rifle handle?”... became... Let’s do this!

A Soldiers Mug!

Ceramic mugs were harmed making this Polymer RifleMug

The RifleMug is a Patented 30 oz. vessel of Greatness!

Microwavable and Dishwasher safe and 30 oz. travel lid fits!

Customizable - Velcro patches, print, or laser engrave!


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